Saturday, October 08, 2005

Index of Poker Posts

BECAUSE BLOGGER DOESN'T OFFER the ability to tag posts — or at least I don't think it does — I figured I would tack up a permanent post in which I will list future blog entries that have any significant poker content. Because that's what the kids seem to want. This won't be a poker blog per se — that role is ably served by Iggy at Guinness and Poker and Pauly at Tao of Poker, among the many others to whom they link. But in case you're looking for a one-stop list of my card exploits, this entry will list them and itself be linked among my poker links. Dig in.

Edumacation of a Poker Player, 10/8/05

• Poker All Night, Sleeping 'Til Noon, and My First All-In Bet, 10/28/05

• All the Cool Kids Are Doing It, 1/7/06

• Naming the Degenerates, 1/7/06

• Las Vegas 1/06: Shuffle Up and Deal, 2/7/06

• My Regular Poker Game: Genesis, 3/5/06

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