Sunday, January 08, 2006

Selfish Sunday

ORDINARILY, I EAT DINNER at my parents' house each Sunday night. They live only one town over, so it's a simple commute, even if it's snowing. During the past 2 weeks, though, I've been over there repeatedly, both for Christmas and New Year's Day, and the subsequent rounds of leftovers, plus a random taco night thrown in for good measure. I needed some time for myself, and this weekend, I took it.

Yesterday was spent doing chores: setting up folders for 2006 paperwork, getting the dry cleaning I thought I would be able to pick up last Monday (it was closed for New Year's Day), doing some shopping, and cleaning here and there. Not a lot of heavy lifting, except at the gym, where I got a good session in. My gym "week" starts on a Saturday with back and bicep exercises, followed by shoulder and thigh work Sunday. Monday is aerobic-machine day, followed by legs on Tuesday and chest/triceps on Wednesday. I am thinking about making Friday night an aerobic night, and leaving Thursday — poker night – wide open so I can get enough sleep on Wednesday night.

I continued my progress today with my shoulders (which comprise about 4 grams of muscle tissue connecting my arms to my torso) and the pair of machines that target the outer and inner thigh muscles. Neither of these displays the user in the most favorable light. Sweatpants are a wise idea. Both groups of exercises went well. The gym continues to be more full than normal for that time and day. I wasn't held up by large clots of resolution-minded folks, though. Many of them are beginners, and therefore use the XpressLine circuit of exercise machines, which I don't rely upon for most of my workouts.

At 1 p.m. today, the Giants were due to face off against the Carolina Panthers. This went ill. They were stomped like radioactive roaches. Enough said about that.

As weekends go — especially the recent holiday weekends – my nutrition was stellar these past two days. I was also able to cook some food for next week's lunches and dinners. For lunch tomorrow, I have whole-wheat penne rigate and steamed broccoli, to which I'll add a small can of tuna. Dinner tomorrow, and lunch or dinner for the next two days, will be baked chicken teriyaki (with roasted sesame seeds and a few dashes of crushed red pepper) over short-grain brown rice. I had one of the four servings I made of that tonight. Excellent. I am looking forward to coupling solid exercise with these sorts of meals again. I fell off the wagon during the holidays, under the constant onslaught of free junk food from the vendors and dinner at my parents'. I also want to get as much progress done before Las Vegas, where — I am realistic enough to know — forward motion toward fitness will be stalled.

I had planned to hit a food store today, but after preparing so much ready-made food, I didn't feel like I needed any more actual rations. I've got plenty of breakfast stuff, too, and I can buy fruit or salad greens in the city. Besides, I didn't want to be tempted by some of the snacky-type crap I knew I might find at the store. I wanted to get a firm start this weekend. I have also designated a specific time to cheat: The 27th of every month (the date of my birthday) will be a food free-fire zone. I picked this idea up from the documentation for my George Foreman Grill, and why would a jovial shmoo like George Foreman lie?

All right. I'll hit the hay soon, because the holiday season also played havoc with my sleep schedule. I am becoming more catlike in that I find I need a solid 8 hours each night. If I manage to polish off 9 tonight, so much the better. Next week is gonna be a deathmarch of five full workdays leading up to a 3-day weekend, followed by two days of absolute insanity prior to the Vegas trip. I have a few fires to put out before I leave my desk for 4 straight workdays. I do know if I go into it with a good workout schedule and decent eating, I'll feel far more positive and in control of things. Being able to mount the steps out of the PATH station without panting will be a bonus as well. Wish me luck.


Midwestern Deadbeat said...

Hi Schizohedron--

This comment has nothing to do with your post--it's more a convenient place to say hello. You left a comment on my blog about a month ago, and I am finally--finally!--getting around to perusing the blogs people suggested. I've only read three of your posts, all chosen at random, but I couldn't leave without commenting on the writing. It's very, very good. What a treat to find a blogger so in command of his prose.

Schizohedron said...

Hello! No prob on the time span between my post and yours — I know you're juggling Squig, the King, and the relatives/holidays out there, to say nothing of editing! Thanks so much for your kind compliments. Basically, I write what I think I would want to read, and just go from there. (The political piece from yesterday was a bit of a departure, but the article had me thinking, and there's nobody at work to discuss this sort of thing with.) I'm glad you liked the pieces you perused (would you happen to remember which?). I don't get any outlet at work to write, and I'm still comparatively new to blogging, so any encouragement on either front is very welcome.