Monday, September 12, 2005

Coming Up Next . . .

I will be visiting my parents at the Jersey Shore for the next 2 days. I have been thinking all day about this blog, and although I don't have time for a proper entry right now, I have many ideas for what I want to share. Starting this blog has gotten the words growing, like seedlings striving toward the surface.
  • Las Vegas: My vacation destination of choice. As of this writing, I have visited Sin City seven times. Each time it becomes more difficult to leave. I will share my reasons why this is so.
  • Poker: I have been swept up in the recent poker craze. I want to share my introduction to the game, my lessons — both lucrative and costly — and the characters and stories I have met and acquired along the way. Poker is a fascinating lens through which to view human behavior, and I plan to turn it on myself as well.
  • Culture: All manner of discourse on books and media I like. Maybe even some rants.
  • Dating and relationships: For your amusement and Schadenfreude.
  • Degree of disclosure: I am still deliberating with myself how much to share about my friends, my job, and other more personal, identifying aspects here. (Do you find it odd that I don't consider my dating and relationships history in this category? Either there's not much to tell, or I'll do anything for a laugh.) Perhaps some of this discussion will be "public," even if the material itself ends up not being so.
  • Fiction: Again, some might claim the dating category and this one are entirely congruent. Yes, let the laughter out. It's good for the blood pressure. If I manage to create anything either worth sharing or even just salvaging, I'll post it.
All right, time for bed ahead of the drive down the Parkway and a potential stop at Atlantic City. Wish me luck and safe roads.

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