Sunday, September 11, 2005

Seeking a connection (but not that kind)

In a rare burst of ego, I have signed my blog up with SiteMeter and Technorati. No sense in staying isolated.

Of course, there are shades of isolation. I had originally set the Comments section to allow what Slashdot has long dubbed Anonymous Cowards to post without signing in, despite reading on various blogs about comment spam.

Sure enough, after I revised and refreshed the design to include the tracking links, I noticed I had a comment. Oh joy! Not 24 hours old and my blog has a viewer.

Turns out, it's some bot pimping an Atlanta escort service.*

So despite the rather standoffish welcome mat it might represent, I am taking the path of some resistance and requiring registration. Otherwise I'll be spending all day and night deleting random "compliments" that track back to adult offerings that would make Larry Flynt wedge his wheelchair into a confessional and weep.

*I might have let them stay, or even offered reasonable advertising terms, if they were actually offering robot escorts. What's the worst thing that could happen — you chip a tooth?

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