Friday, May 16, 2008

Clouds Parting Over Work Future?

I'VE RECEIVED SOME HOPEFUL SIGNS regarding the remote office that will house the new staff on my publication. I've had extensive recent contact with the entire new staff, and they all seem very excited to get rolling on the magazine. They flew out to get some basic training from me and my outgoing managing editor on running the book, which we delivered in small yet informative bites; this meal appears to have satisfied their appetite for details.

I'd originally had trepidations about their two-day visit. As you may have gathered from my recent Bullet Points! post several days ago, I've not been in the best of moods lately. Part of it was related to anxiety over whether I'd be get along with the new Central City crew and not feel lonely at the office without the traditional group of coworkers with whom to chat. Fortunately, the incoming editor-in-chief is very gung-ho over the potential for the book, and I've already exchanged work with my new direct boss. In fact, I've tutored him on two of my regular columns, which at least demonstrated at an early stage for him that I am dedicated to keeping the book rolling. From what I gathered, he was way hep to getting such a detailed guide (though a bit Dickensian in length).

So I don't feel as "done" as I thought I was earlier in the month. Everyone seemed very happy with the introduction I helped to prepare for them, and my outgoing managing editor wrote a great review for me (which may or may not founder on the rocks of fiscal attenuation when we talk wampum). For now, it seems like I'll have a home there and the chance to pick up skills and contacts for what else I would want to do.

Still really not sure what that might be.

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