Tuesday, January 01, 2008

. . . And We're Back With Another Year!

BOTH OF THESE TOPICS DESERVE more than just a note, but . . . I have no way to finish that sentence. Anyway, it's been a sweet post-Christmas week for me. Once I finally disentangled myself from the expanding blob of disorganization spreading from my boss's desk last Thursday, I found myself at the beginning of a peaceful 5-day weekend. Within three of those days, though, I had the pleasure of being a guest at Felix and Julia's wedding, and at Ratatosk and Amy's place for New Year's Eve. Though I only have a 3-day week coming up tomorrow, it'll be impossible to top the festivity and hospitality of the past several days. There's no way this weekend can compare. It'll just have to settle for being 2 days off.

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