Thursday, January 03, 2008

Water Rising Above My Ankles

IF YOU EXAMINE THESE TWO posts, you'll not only get a sense of how hectic one of the higher-ups makes my place, but you'll also learn that one of my workmates, a clinical editor on the magazine, left recently, primarily because of butting heads with said higher-up.

Well, this afternoon, I got a tap on the shoulder from my boss. She gave notice this morning, and was letting folks know she was heading to the same company that the clinical editor had joined, the date of departure being scheduled for mid-month.

This will make things . . . interesting at work. Hiring a replacement for the clinical editor was already a daunting prospect. Picking up a new supervising editor at the same time, with a manager who's not even based in the office . . . ?

Before the clinical ed. headed out last month, she said to me I had nothing to worry about, because folks loved me at the current company, and now that I'd found a job in the industry, I was "in." I hadn't been counting on finding just what benefits being "in" might bring so soon. But that might lie ahead.

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Amy said...

WOW! Jiminy. Yes ... interesting! I am sure you will be fine there, with so much going on now. Keep us posted (no pun intended)