Saturday, August 09, 2008

India, Ink.: Howl of the Hiring Manager

IF YOU'VE EVER HIRED STAFF, and you've waded through résumés toxic with errors, India Amos's hilarious and insightful job application tips post should either inspire PTSD-laced flashbacks, or assure you that you weren't overreacting when you wanted to sweep every résumé on your desk into the shredder. Her advice will comfort those who hire and counsel those who aspire to be hired. She cites particularly painful examples from the scores of applications she's received, then runs through the typical sections of a résumé to detail how each part should best serve the applicant and avoid disenchanting the reader.

In this quasi-recession, competition for jobs is fiercer than ever. Don't make it any harder for an employer to contact you, because he or she won't waste time translating your errors into English; it's far easier to pick up the next résumé. India's advice can help yours land in the "follow-up" file instead of the circular one.

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